Oh my gosh, in love with that suspender dress thingy you got at H&M! Do you know what it's called? You dress so cute, I can't stand it. :D

thank you!!!! this is it http://www.hm.com/us/product/19006

dyyyyyyying for it to be Thursday because I get my !!!!!!boyfriend!!!!!!! AND first Seahawks game of the season!!!!!!!!!

look at this weird dress thing I bought at H&M today! it’s so weird but I love that I can put it over pretty much any shirt and I’m good to go. it does a cute cross thing with the straps in the back too.

I bought a lot of cute clothes today that I’m really happy about!! and my mom being the angel she is got me these two BEAUTIFUL sweaters from Aritzia (bc let’s be real I can’t afford that place) and ugh buying new clothes just improves your mood so much I’m a happy girl

I can’t sleep ugh


I was in a jungle of pot yesterday and it was wonderful

ugh love you snapchat so much thank you whoever made it it makes it 10000x easier to “”sext”“” your bf plus videos!! that you can mute!! and poof they’re gone! love it thank you sc

7 panties for $26.50????? ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

i cant wait to lay in bed with you and watch funny vine videos ive saved and been waiting to show you for weeks

working 28/48 hours